Commercial Insurance

Whether you run a business yourself or rent out a commercial facility to others, protecting the building and those inside is important. There are a variety of commercial insurance options in Illinois, some of which are sure to be right for you. Ralph Weiner & Associates, LLC can assist in identifying insurance plans to fit your needs.

Property Insurance

There are several variations of property insurance, based on what your building contains and what kind of machinery is installed here. These kinds of property insurance can include boiler and machinery insurance, glass insurance and a host of other kinds of insurance. Each form of insurance is nice depending on the location, the construction of your building and what you have inside.

Downtime Insurance

Should something prevent your business from functioning, you may find yourself out of necessary income. Business interruption insurance helps cover these kinds of income losses while also assisting with rent, taxes, salaries and other financial issues that come from the company not functioning. Crime insurance helps cover property damage and theft, both inside and out. It also is there to protect your business against both outside theft and employee theft.

Legal Insurance

Depending on the kind of business you run, you may find the need to include legal insurance. Some forms include malpractice insurance, liability insurance, errors and omissions insurance, not to mention worker's compensation insurance, which is an important form of coverage to have. Without it, you may end up paying a considerable amount of money out towards an employee who is injured while on the job and forced to go through a host of medical procedures.

No matter what sort of insurance coverage you currently have, if you have any questions, are interested in a particular plan or want to know more about commercial insurance in general, make sure to contact Ralph Weiner & Associates, LLC for all your commercial insurance needs.

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