Home Insurance

Homeowners insurance covers your house and a lot more. It also covers the contents, your possessions and covers you against any liability if someone was injured on your property. Agents at Ralph Weiner & Associates can help you sort out the coverage you need for your home. Most coverage does not include earthquakes, floods, nuclear accidents or war, but other than those items, you can rest assured you will be covered if there is an accident of some kind.

Most people think of fire insurance first, and that is important. The house itself is the basic unit to be covered by a policy. Storm damage, or damage by burglars, could also be covered. It is also important to understand the difference between the cost to replace, and actual value coverage when getting home insurance. You may have other buildings that may also need to be covered, even a small shed with tools can have a lot of value. Personal property can also be covered, as well as loss of use, liability, and medical payments.

Here are the basic types of policies:

  • Fire insurance covers only the building, not its contents.
  • Basic perils like storms.
  • Modified coverage for older homes.
  • The special or comprehensive policy that covers everything except floods and earthquakes.
  • Tenants insurance for renters.
  • Condominium insurance.
  • A mobile home with wheels and no permanent foundation utilizes a type of auto insurance.
  • Farm owners policy is another option for homes on farms.

Visit Ralph Weiner & Associates, or give them a call, or visit their website, to find out what type of home insurance would be best for your situation. You may also utilize their online tool to get information. Our agents can help you find the best policy that fits your needs. Existing customers may also contact us to update their policies. Situations change, and as they do, you need to adjust your homeowners policy accordingly.

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